# Product Inventory

By default, inventory is a simple lookup from the product record to a related ccrz__E_ProductInventoryItem__c object. If a match is found, and a quantity is set, its values (in the Qty Available field) will be exposed to the front end CCRZ object. In addition to this, you can use the Show Availability config setting to display availability messages. OOTB, the available inventory for a product is in the product inventory item.

Common extensions to this approach will be to tie the product inventory to a pricelist item. E.g.

  • When you want to control quantities by warehouse
  • When you have multiple sellers for the same product, each one with their own inventory
  • When, as part of a contract agreement, you have a predefined inventory of products available

Updating the Inventory Quantity

OOTB there is no logic to decrement or increment the available quantity and should be part of your customization to decide what's the best way to keep the inventory in synch.

# Product Inventory flows

The product inventory works as follows:

  • A product have a related product inventory item object
  • When the product is searched, a lookup to that product inventory occurs

# Extras

# Product inventory in the CCRZ object (for Handlebars)

References: https://cloudcraze.atlassian.net/wiki/spaces/B2BDOCS410/pages/889095432/Product+Data