The Missing SF B2B Guide

A naive take on how to extend Salesforce's B2B Commerce

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Simplicity First

Because the official documentation on B2B Commerce is hard to navigate, outdated and lacks organization

Real World Usage

Bunch of examples on how we have used B2B commerce in our own implementations.

No kool-aid here

If it works, it works. Not here to sell you products or to follow the official way of doing things.

# All for you. All for free

This is the "missing" manual for B2B Commerce Cloud developers. Whether you are an SI, and independent contractor or an internal developer, I hope you'll find this useful. It is based on our experience with the B2B Commerce/Cloudcraze product and the implementations we've done over the past couple years.

We're writing this because we want to.

We welcome feedback, though it may take a while for us to process it.

Hope it helps.

# Contact

Your best choice is always to contact Salesforce directly (since you are probably already paying for support!). If you still want us to help you with your project, you can try to reach out to me at us at Don't expect an immediate response 😪


What works for us may not work for you (so thread carefully and make sure you understand what you are doing!!).

We are not representing our employers nor salesforce.