Change of plans

Back in January, I talked about the need to go to Peru and why.

Recently, there was a complication: The company where I work for, got acquired. Now I’m part of one of those companes that are always in the Top 10 Best Companies To Work For). It is a golden opportunity, and any normal person will be excited about this chance, except that for me there is a huge “BUT”: they won’t let you work from abroad if they don’t have an office in the region (and they don’t have one in Peru).

So I’ve been stressed out. What can I do to keep my job, but without neglecting my parents? I considered a few options:

  1. Quit my job, and find something in Peru,or work as a subcontractor for a company(ies) in USA.
  2. Move to a city that is closer to Lima, and that is also authorized by my employer.
  3. Continue going back and forth between the US and Lima, but stay in Lima only for the weekends.

My personality is that whenever there is a problem, there should be a solution. This one is more of a choice between having money or having time. The situation at home is luckily more stable for now, and I have some alternatives in case the current help is not enough. I also brought some tools to fix things around the house, and I have done what I could. The dogs are also better (combo of better diet and spending more time with them –except the crazy one. That bitch is scary). There have been some failed projects tho (like the car drone that I wanted to build for telepresence), but overall it’s been a success I think. Change has been good so far (knock on wood).

I still want to do a lot more, but my current job is anything but “cutting edge”, so my skills have not been where I wanted. I need to get better at programming my raspberry pis and arduinos (security cameras, air quality/temp sensors, a voice assistant that speaks Spanish, etc.), plus the autotrader v2.0 (wonder how much advanced the DNN tools are nowadays), a better image recognition camera, build furniture, etc. plus update my front end and API design dev chops (maybe some Vue.js this time)

I’ll try option #3 for a while and see what happens. Commute is going to suck tho.

I need to focus on maximizing my productive time. And then be disciplined. But is so easy to procrastinate…I’ll try to at least procrastinate in things where I learn stuff XD